Why I Write Children's Books

Children's author Brooke Hyatt kindly shared with us what inspires her about writing children's stories.

Probably the biggest reason I wanted to write children’s books, was because I felt like it would be a magnificent way for me to commemorate all of my nieces and nephews! It has been really enjoyable working with them, especially when they get excited about seeing themselves in an upcoming story! They have even given input on their characters’ designs and colors, which makes the experiences extra special. Working together with them is always fun! I hope that these stories will keep bringing them joy and making them proud, not just now, but for years to come, as they get older! 

As a children’s author, I enjoy the opportunity to use my creativity

As a children's author, I enjoy the opportunity to use my creativity and imagination when writing my books, through the process of playing with fonts, colors, and illustrations in each story. It allows me to connect with kids in an engaging way, by using simple language that younger kids can understand, while also teaching them something positive about themselves through these fun tales! It’s one of my favorite parts and the main goal for every story I tell. I always want to be teaching them something useful while keeping it fun! By teaching kids from a young age, I feel as though it will better prepare them for life. I also just think children’s books can be a really exciting and interactive way for kids to learn simple life lessons.

Another major perk of writing children’s books is that it helps keep me young at heart and builds my inventive side. It’s a fun way to connect with kids and show them how to love reading while they’re young. I believe the sooner you can get kids reading, the better off they’ll be. 

As someone who usually spends a lot of my time on more serious matters of day-to-day life and dealing with adults so regularly, it gives me some time to get away from all the hassles and stressors adult life can bring, reminisce on easier times, and jump back into the entertaining side of life. I like thinking back on the fun times of my own childhood and what types of books I would have loved to be able to read. 

For anyone who wants something new and fun in your creative arsenal, try picking up one of these stories yourself! It might surprise you how much you will enjoy it. I truly am a kid at heart and I love to find ways to let it out. Writing and designing children’s books helps me do that for me. I can’t wait to see where the future of creating for children brings me!

Brooke Hyatt

Children's Author