Taking Back Your Power by Changing the Narrative

By Josh Rivedal 

One of the best ways to take back power or to learn to wield the power within, is to tell your story before someone else does. Don’t let them define you. Tell the narrative you want others to notice. What story do want your actions to tell? Your speech? Your thought-life (which, will then manifest action)? Your clothing? Your expenditures? Your choice of friends, advisors, and confidants?

What is the through line (“story-arc” or even “thesis” if you will) that connects each of these components of your life? What does the whole story look like so far? If you don’t like it, or pieces of it” then you, the storyteller, get to change course, to put the protagonist (you) back on the course you’ve always envisioned. And if you’re stuck in your “writing,” don’t beat yourself up. All storytellers get writer’s block—and all the good ones pick up the quill on a consistent basis whether or not they feel the writing is going well. Keep working. Keep writing. Keep up the hustle. 

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