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Who Are We?

Dr Simon Tilbury

English literature academic (Cambridge University), certified copy-editor (Chapterhouse Publishing), book coach, creative consultant.

Simon Tilbury, PhD, is an experienced and flexible editor and book coach. After graduating from Cambridge University and training as an editor, he has developed a wide portfolio of experience, editing books, articles, essays and web content at every level, from initial development of a text to proofreading and finalising. His innate ability to understand and connect with writers allows him to identify their unique strengths and areas for growth. As a compassionate mentor, he skillfully and collaboratively steers his clients through the labyrinth of conceiving, planning, and structuring their projects. Adept at both fiction and non-fiction, he is dedicated to helping authors uncover the true potential of their ideas.

"I love watching a book take shape. My relationship with the writer is creative and passionate, just as much as it is technical. I am clear and generous in my advice, and my focus is to help the author create the best book possible."

Nicky Blewitt

Author, Book Marketing Consultant and Book Coach.

Nicky has been writing fiction and non-fiction for the last 10 years. With a passion for storytelling and an unwavering love for the written word, Nicky has carved his niche as a book coach and a marketing mentor. With years of experience in the self-publishing industry, he has honed his expertise in guiding aspiring authors towards crafting their best work. Nicky started up the support service The Book Marketer to teach new authors the skills they need to make a living from their writing. He has worked with over 400 authors to date many of whom have forged writing careers with their new marketing skills.

"Every writer's journey is unique, and I believe in empowering writers to embrace their individuality and find their authentic voice. There's no greater reward than witnessing the growth of a new writer. Together, we'll cultivate your craft and unleash the writer within."

What we do at Rocket Writing

Book creation from start to finish. We support your entire journey - from first idea to final design, marketing, and publication.

We provide you with a clear and comprehensive road map, showing you how to research, develop, and structure your book’s content. Improve your writing with personalised feedback and action plans: write well, write smart.

Become confident and resilient. With our mentoring, you will believe in yourself. Practical tools and a doable timetable will deliver steady progress and real results. You will see your valuable piece of work take shape.

Create a finished draft you can hold in your hand—not just a stream of ideas you tell your friends about at dinner parties!

What actually happens when I choose you guys?

Each client begins our service with a discovery session. Here we will find out the kind of book you are writing and where you’ve got to with it. We will create an overview of our work together. We will set our research, planning and word count goals. We will create a timeline for our working relationship and your writing project.

With our launch pad and base of operations firmly laid, you will begin building your rocket. We’ll teach you our own successful step-by-step process for structuring a book that not only has logical structure but commercial appeal. Writing a book is no mean feat, but we want you go one step further and write a book that sells! A rocket that doesn’t launch or that blows up on the launchpad is no rocket at all!

We use regular check-ins to support you, and clear but achievable deadlines to keep you on track. Together we build the frame of your rocket and fill it, step-by-step, with all the stuff it needs. Each session will be recorded and available for you to rewatch forever (a transcript is also provided). How often we meet will be based on the time you have for writing. A doable time frame that works for you is the goal.

We will be alongside you through the entire drafting process, from first draft to finished manuscript. Once you have the basic shape - the all-important first draft - we then help you develop and revise it. We test and refine the rocket. With us at your side, redrafting will be efficient and focused. When structure and content are the way you want them, proofreading will polish and perfect your book. Your rocket will be shiny and complete.

All that remains is to load the rocket up with fuel and launch it skywards. Cover design, formatting, marketing research and a marketing campaign will send your creation on its way with a bang. We are experienced with every step of this process and know how to reach your target audience and find your readership. When the rocket is fuelled, we aim it with precision.

Watch it go! You will have taken your idea from conception to publication, from the drawing board to the heavens. Rocket writing helped you avoid the pitfalls, kept you from getting stuck or giving up, and kept your project moving along at an exciting but stress-free, realistic pace.

Mission control, we are a go. With Rocket Writing, the sky’s the limit!

Our Service Brochure

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Pricing for Every Pocket

Our pricing policy can be tailored to your budget and individual project, depending on how far advanced your book idea and manuscript are, and how much support you will need. We can provide story evaluation, assist with structuring your work, or continue through with the writing of your work, publishing, and marketing. The choice is yours. Please contact us below for further details

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