How to Sell Your Book on Autopilot

Save time and money using KDROI, the software every author should have!

Dear Author Friends!

We're telling everyone about an amazing piece of software every author should have to automate their promotions, which is KDROI It is a chrome plug-in that submits your eBooks on Amazon to loads of free book promotion sites directly from your browser. A couple of clicks and it’s all done!

It’s the perfect way to set up both a launch and ongoing promotions, with only 5 days’ notice needed for submission. This is saving authors a lot of time and money in hiring virtual assistants to do the job of listing, which takes hours to get through. The software can also research your optimal keywords and categories AND find relevant reviewers for your book! It’s only a onetime payment and is a great boost for your book on launches and promotions.

Click here to watch the video and find out more: KDROI

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