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Welcome, you wonderful author! Just finished your first book? Not sure where to start with self-publishing or how to build your book marketing strategy? You have come to the right place. The book marketer is an author support service comprised of a network of established authors, skilled book marketers, publishers, copy-editors, designers, and social media experts who have come together to guide new authors. Our team runs training and online zoom coaching sessions to help writers understand the world of self-publishing, organize their book launches and marketing strategies, and develop their author platforms. We are a freelance collective with a large pool of publishing experts. In an age of disreputable vanity press companies, we are committed to a transparent practice that empowers authors. All our freelancers adhere to the ethical author's code of standards as defined by the Alliance of Independent Authors. We can train you, or you also have the option to leave the work to us with our in-house services that take care of the heavy lifting of self-publishing and book promotion for you.

Our Services

Book Marketing Coaching

Save time, energy, and money by finding out what works. With our zoom coaching service, you will get detailed and focused book launches and marketing techniques that will take your author platform to the next level.

Self-Publishing Service

We can publish your book in all major online bookstores. Research your optimum keywords and categories. Organize attractive 'on genre' book covers and write high-converting book descriptions and author bios for you. You keep full control of your publishing accounts and royalties.

Book Marketing Service

Want to focus on your writing? Let us organize and implement your book launch, promotions, adverts, marketing campaigns, copyediting, proofreading, and social media accounts. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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What Our Customers Say

"In marketing 45 years, but never for a book. 1st-time author. I've owned / own ad/marketing agencies, e-commerce biz, and done lots of digital marketing. Nicky blew my mind. In 60 minutes, he delivered concise, detailed, and practically helpful information on Amazon book marketing, saving me days/weeks. He recorded it, so I have it to refresh my memory. Tomorrow I will receive his recommendations on keywords and lists of links for blogging, audiobooks, etc. I plan to use him more often for my marketing. A TOTAL HOME RUN! And a straightforward-going, lovely man. Best value I have ever received. 

You will love him, guaranteed."

Jim Rowe

Marketing Strategy & Branding Expert.

"Nicky is a consummate professional who is committed to helping writers achieve their publishing goals. Because of his insights, suggestions, and advice, my book- 'Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome', became Amazon's #1 New Release when published, and within less than a week, it became Amazon's #1 Best Seller. I will work with Nicky again and recommend others to use his services."

Dr. Assegid (AZ) Habtewold 

Business Author

"I still can't believe how incredible this coaching was! First of all, he showed up superprepared. The coaching was jam-packed with information, and he recorded it so that I could take more notes later on if I didn't get everything at once. I was thrilled, and when I didn't think it could get any better, he actually sent me a ton of follow up information specific for my book after the coaching! Like what, how amazing is that! So I highly recommend him!!!"

Geraldine Anello

Romance Author

"I came to Nicky regarding self-publishing my first short story young adult romantic fiction book. A few words come to mind working with Nicky: Real-world experience and excellence. Great listener, clever and organized advisor, creative and open mind. He knows his stuff, and the stuff of self-publishing inside and out. And the follow-up docs are awesome, I took his premium package. P.S. He's an amiable man too, the kind I love to work with #awesome."

David Charles Brower

Children's Author

"Invaluable! Nick takes the concept of over-delivering to a higher level. You've invested countless hours in writing and preparing your book, now you need marketing insight to get it into the hands of your audience. There is so much content, it will require me to follow up. If you're a first-time author, hiring Nick is a must." 

Stewart Roberts

Business Author